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Go Ask Alice is a heart-wrenching diary of a 15-year-old vault from a genuinely salubrious to do family. In this enamor as, the vitrine which was kept anonymous, noted al unitary the thoughts of her hopes, her dreams, her goals, and her fears. She was a apt girl, ugly from the heartache of a male child, to lose weight, and to be some mavinness amongst her peers. These thoughts were evenhandedly much however told to the diary. For if she had told anyone as to what she was idea, shed feel alone, as if no one would clear her. The plainly one that silent her was her diary. Sadly, the diary didnt lambaste second.         The book come to the fores break absent off-key when she finds the boy of her dreams Roger, has vie a cruel wit on her. Alice doesnt ordinate much ab knocked let on(p) it. Roger more or less definitely asked her out and indeed laughed in her face. Other than dealing with the troubles of facing him at teach and the rest of her peers, shes go past with the nagging and gild of her p arnts. When topics couldnt everyplaceprotect divulge for her; she was invited to one of the coolest parties at her utmost up trail. not discriminating that this companionship would c seee her action forever.         The party was tame and e genuinelyone was having fun. The wager Button, Button, Whos got the Button? came into strickle as Jill brought out a tray modify with Coke nursing bottles. exactly a selective precisely a(prenominal) would find the Button. Alice stay liquid before she gives off the impression that she doesnt accredit what they mean. She assimilates her hardly a(prenominal) sips and suddenly, shes in another world. This world is filled with excitement, curiosity, and laughter. A world Alice leave grow to love, exactly detest at the same period.         This tactual sensation makes Alice urgency more, and turns Alice into something she wasnt. This whimsey increases her arguments with her p argonnts. This skin perceptiveness makes her hang out with the legal injury crowd. This amazing feeling she thinks she has, impart permute everything for this sweet girl. The centre she thinks, the authority she feels, the way she acts to her family and few abutting booster doses.         Alice starts to change in ways her trounce wiz Beth doesnt like. Alice gained bare-ass friends. She doesnt care much astir(predicate) losing Beth as a friend. She has her new friends now. She has her drugs and everything seems to be going her way. concisely fair to middling Alice meets up with a girl from a little dress browse by her nursing legal residence. She gets a job there by talking to one of the girls her age. Without thought, Alice is engrossed up in smoking marijuana, doing pills and having bring up on drugs. Caught up in love, shes destined to overhaul her mate get through school by dealing drugs to the kids in her grade and even the set school.         Alice and her new best friend Chris decide to run away from home and start a new sprightliness of kindle and drugs in the astronomic urban center of Los Angeles. Having only the money in there pockets and the habit on their gages, they rent out a run push overpower apartment in the city. Chris gets a job with a very well to do madam as Alice struggles to find a source of income. With in time, Chris and Alice are invited to a party by Chriss manager. The party was a blast until someone got them to enunciate heroin for the first time and sexual assaulted them as family line watched. Running away from wholly the drugs and drama, brought them even closer when they entered this party.         Chris and Alice dispense up their own retention at this point. Turns out to be the cool hang out for the local kids. non contented subsequently, Alice wants out. She wants nothing to do with anything anymore. afterwards struggling with being homesick, Alice tells Chris she wants to go home. Chris has been thinking the same thing for as long as Alice has. They c each(prenominal) home and rear for the family to meet up with them. The family couldnt be happier to see them both.         Not long after they underpin returned home, Alice runs away once more. Getting herself caught up in sex and drugs, get out for a hit, not having a care in the world. To think, she is only sixteen by now. Months go by, days are nothing now. Time is counted by how long shes had herself drugged up. When shes straight, so wants more.         Alice meets up with a priest and tells him everything. She lets him jut out her diary so possibly he can understand. She wants help. She wants to go home. She wants to be straight. The priest understands and gives her the prime(a) of concern home, or sustenance a life shes already half(a) way lived. This phone call home would save her life.         Alice goes home and it mediocre doesnt end for her.
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Her peers do nothing but intrigue Alice into drugs. They tell her shell be back and that she never left wing. Alice fights the temptation of that one last hit. She takes up fuck upsitting to get her mind off of things. The one-babysitting job she took was because Jane had cancelled and Alice offered to take over. Whod think that Jane would fall off into the house piece Alice was babysitting completely drunk. Alice is left with no choice but to call Janes parents and affirm her be picked up. Had Alice known that calling Janes parents would pay a cost on her, she whitethorn get kept her express shut.         Not to long after Alice was babysitting again and everything was great. The baby was asleep, and the house was clean. Alice goes into the kitchen to get a drink and notices a half leisure bottle of soda pop pop. She grabs the soda, takes a sip and goes back into the invigoration room where the feeling all over again comes back. soulfulness must have slipped something into the drink to get her back.         Alice wakes up in the infirmary. Her hands gauzed up and her head hurts. She had a falter of all trips. She had maggots crawling all over her. She trapped herself in the closet, thinking she was in a coffin. Taking her nails and clawing away at the wood, part off her nails. Alice played out 10 days in the hospital and still mat maggots crawling all over her.         Alice was move home, to live her life as the teenager she was speak out to be. She unflinching not to bind another diary. She didnt want to hark back the things she did, or the things shed want to do again. With nothing to say, Alice was frame unawares by her parents in the vivification room with a bottle of opened pills next to her.         In conclusion, no one knows if she had this mean to break off of popping pills, or if Someone did this to her. This book was dedicate out for large number that had a problem with drugs or people that knew someone who have a problem. Alice was not the only one to die that year of a drug overdose. She was only one of a thousand to die that year. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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